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Sreepadma Aqua Flora currently India’s largest aquatic plant farm with over 250 varieties of Aquarium Plants, is a paradise for every aquatic plant enthusiast and aquascaping hobbyist. Our production facilities spanning over 3.5 hectares include aquarium plants, pond plants, and a state-of-the-art tissue culture lab.

Production of plants is done in natural conditions and plants are delivered directly from the farm using a well-trained team. Growing plants in natural condition until it reaches the customer gives premium quality to the plants which in turn helps the plants to survive in aquarium conditions.


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Rajesh Sreepadma

The Master Cultivator

Rajesh Sreepadma  (Rajesh A S) is the founder &   proprietor at ‘Sreepadma Aqua Flora’- India’s largest Aquatic Plants Farm.

Sharing Experiences

He heads the ‘Sreepadma Aqua Flora’ farm, biotechnology division and our corporate Office

As a Plant Hunter

The passion & hobby of Aquatic plant collection and cultivation started late 90’s – during college life.

Chat With the Master

Chat with the master cultivator Rajesh A.S. to make clarity over your understandings on aquarium plants